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Things to Consider When Choosing Office Furniture

Things to Consider When Choosing Office Furniture

When choosing furniture for your office it is important to remember that not only are you selecting how you furnish your office, but you are also setting the atmosphere and tone of your workplace.  In doing so it is important to create a positive and productive space for your employees.  Here are some things to consider when furnishing a workplace.

Flexible Spaces – More and more workspaces are evolving from traditional assigned seating to open collaborative spaces.  Keeping this in mind is important when selecting furniture.  Instead of traditional cubicles or offices, modern bench desks and shared meeting areas are a good investment.

Ergonomics – One area to pay attention to is seating.  There are a variety of ergonomic fully adjustable chairs that are both cost effective and promote the long-term health of your employees.  Height adjustable desks continue to follow this trend as well, giving the employee the option to sit or stand as they work.

Technology – Modern offices typically require a seamless integration with technology.  This should be reflected in your furniture choices as well.  Things like power data solutions in your conference tables and staff desks are essential.

The style of your office should be a reflection of the culture you want to build there.  This initial investment is a good place to start.

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Barry Handwerger has over 20 years in the office furniture industry in New York City and the Tri-State area. Beginning with office assessments and layout, Barry figures out what will fill your needs. His extensive array of furniture will help to create an efficient and well designed work environment. Contact him at or call 917-561-1097 today.
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