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Office Furniture Trends That Can Boost Productivity

Office Furniture Trends That Can Boost Productivity Sitting at the same desk each day can get a little boring. Boredom leads to disinterest, which can lead to low productivity.  This cycle effects everyone – from millennials to senior management and executives alike. How can you...
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Does Office Color Affect Workplace Productivity?

Could the Color of Your Office Affect Workplace Productivity? Have you ever painted the interior of your home and noticed that you felt different after the job was complete? Maybe you felt happy, or an improved sense of well-being? Or perhaps you recently entered a store, and...
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Does Your Office Workspace Have Personality?

Even with the rise of telecommuting, employees are still logging many hours at the office. In fact, American workers who are employed full time spend an average of 1,700 hours annually at work, according to the Business Insider. In addition, the desires of employees are changing....
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New York Office Space: How a Few Changes Can Drive Higher Productivity

Could a Few Changes to Your New York Office Space Drive Higher Productivity? Worrying about productivity in your business? Ever wonder if there’s a link between the setup of your office and employee productivity? Many New York City business owners and managers have rightfully...
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