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New York Office Space: How a Few Changes Can Drive Higher Productivity

Could a Few Changes to Your New York Office Space Drive Higher Productivity?

Worrying about productivity in your business? Ever wonder if there’s a link between the setup of your office and employee productivity? Many New York City business owners and managers have rightfully explored this issue because it trickles down to so many different areas of the business, including customer service, profits, and employee satisfaction and turnover.

Productivity trends have risen over the past decade, including the most recent gravitation toward “open floor plans.” Google moved several thousand people into a single workspace, while Facebook recently built one of the largest open floor plans yet.

But does it work?

Could the design of your office space really drive higher productivity, and if so… how?

Altering the Environment for Higher Productivity

The majority of companies — 70 percent — have open floor plans, according to the International Facility Management Association. But regardless of what type of floor plan your company has, there are steps you can take that will make all types of employees — whether introverts or extroverts — more productive in the workplace.

Get movable furniture. While seeing other employees might be great when it’s time to collaborate, when it’s time to buckle down and get a task done, it can be downright distracting. To solve this problem, try movable furniture. For example, desks and cabinets can be reconfigured so that employees can work together or apart.

Higher desks. In addition to movable furniture, you can change the type of furniture you have available to give employees variety in their workplace. For example, they can stand while working, use yoga balls as chairs — or even opt for the healthy option of working on a treadmill.

No assigned seating. According to the Wall Street Journal, having no assigned seats can actually increase productivity in the workplace. For example, someone might prefer to work close to talkative neighbors for easy brainstorming and collaboration, while others might feel most inspired while sitting next to quite co-workers. You can let your employees adjust themselves for maximum productivity.

While the debate about the best office layout continues on, making a few simple shifts and testing what works best for your organization is a good start. Your employees will likely be happier, and also more productive as a result.

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Barry Handwerger has over 20 years in the office furniture industry in New York City and the Tri-State area. Beginning with office assessments and layout, Barry figures out what will fill your needs. His extensive array of furniture will help to create an efficient and well designed work environment. Contact him at or call 917-561-1097 today.
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