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Does Your Office Workspace Have Personality?

New York Office PersonalityEven with the rise of telecommuting, employees are still logging many hours at the office. In fact, American workers who are employed full time spend an average of 1,700 hours annually at work, according to the Business Insider. In addition, the desires of employees are changing. They crave not only more flexibility in their work, but also spaces that inspire and motivate them — they crave “office personality”.

Redesigning your workspace to reflect your company’s vision and personality assists with attracting and retaining employees, a challenge that many employers struggle with. But when taking on this type of project, many people wonder about the best place to start.

Creating Inspiration at Work

A workspace is about more than a desk. You’ve likely designed your home based on your personality, so why not the office? Of course the office is often shared by dozens, and even thousands, of employees, so the focus is more on your brand personality and creating an environment of inspiration. Here are a few changes that can make an impact.

Create options. Many companies are stuck selecting between cubes and an open floorplan. But you don’t have to choose – you can have both and let your employees decide which they like to use. This can be accomplished through “zones” within your office, which entail both open spaces and quiet offices for high-concentration tasks.

Your office can also include “hot spots,” which are workspaces that have no assigned seating and can be used by anyone. By providing many different options for employees, they have the ability to customize their work experience according to their personality and preferences.

Add a splash of color. Although relatively simple, adding a new coat of paint that goes with your brand personality can liven up a space and even inspire employees and visitors in the office. Select a few different options, and let employees vote on their first choice.

Upgrade collaborative spaces. Areas where your employees come together to discuss new ideas are arguably some of the most important spaces within the company. Overhaul these areas by replacing gloomy walls with windows that add more light or let in an inspiring view. Or replace traditional boardroom chairs with sofas, bean bag chairs, or even exercise balls.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your employees. Use surveys to capture their insights and ideas for making the work environment more desirable to them.

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About the Author
Barry Handwerger has over 20 years in the office furniture industry in New York City and the Tri-State area. Beginning with office assessments and layout, Barry figures out what will fill your needs. His extensive array of furniture will help to create an efficient and well designed work environment. Contact him at or call 917-561-1097 today.
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