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Does Office Color Affect Workplace Productivity?

Workspace ProductivityCould the Color of Your Office Affect Workplace Productivity?

Have you ever painted the interior of your home and noticed that you felt different after the job was complete? Maybe you felt happy, or an improved sense of well-being? Or perhaps you recently entered a store, and instantly felt agitated, excited, calm or even optimistic? Many are surprised to learn there is a scientific reason why color affects our mood, and even workplace productivity.

A recent University of Texas study discovered that specific colors, such as gray, beige and white, altered mood, making people, especially women, feel depressed and sad. In contrast, men tend to feel gloomy when working in purple or orange workspaces. And interestingly enough, studies show that colors don’t just affect our mood, but they also affect productivity. But if you’re planning to repaint the office, which color is the best choice?

Physically Active Jobs: Choose Red

If the workplace involves physical activity, choose red. This color is shown to boost the heart rate and blood flow, and helps workers feel more passionate about their tasks.

Creative Jobs: Choose Yellow

Does your workplace employ designers, writers or other creative professionals? If so, select yellow. It creates optimism and assists with boosting creativity.

Marathon Workers: Choose Green

Workplaces that employ people who work crazy long hours, such as attorneys, executives or other long-hour professionals, should select green. Unlike other colors, green doesn’t promote the fatiguing of eyes, and may have a calming effect.

Highly Focused Workers: Choose Blue

Not sure which color to select? When all else fails, you can’t go wrong with blue. It’s known as a color that boosts productivity and also creates a calming effect on employees.

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